The Eladrin of Faerenhold were the magical hub of Khorvaire before they disappeared about 700 years ago. Tinkering with powerful magics they tore a rift between planes known as The Glowing Chasm. Shortly afterwards, their land was covered in The Mist and the Eladrin disappeared from the world. Strange monsters haunt the mist covered land, their howling earning it the name: The Mournland.

Soon after the Eladrin disappeared, the magic of the world slowly started seeping away. Now, 700 years later, magic is rare and the knowledge of imbuing magic into objects has been lost with along the Eladrin artisans. The once impressive lightning rail has deteriorated, lasting only 35 years without the maintenance of it’s Eladrin engineers.

With the lightning rail unusable the surviving kingdoms have returned to the old ways of trade: carts, wagons and sailing ships. It is on one such trade route that the party of adventurers find themselves on, passing through the Mournland to deliver much needed trade supplies.

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The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

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