The Setting

Name of Realm: Khorvaire



Political Climate:
Currently there is peace

Racial and Religious Tensions:
Orcs, Tieflings and Drow have had many wars against the kingdoms of the east in the past and a re largely distrusted. The Dwarfs of the Mror Holds keep largely to themselves, secure in their stone fortresses.

Other setting factors:
The Mournland was once a thriving kingdom called Faerenhold, home of the Eladrin. Their wizards delved too deeply and opened a rift now known as ‘The Glowing Rift’. The kingdom was swallowed by ‘The Mist’ 700 years ago and the Eladrin have passed into history. The Mournland is now haunted by many unknown creatures.

The Setting

The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire DMPhi