The Eight

1) Tenamsiir Ilelahor (Dragonblood) The Deceiver
2) Valanthe Galanodel (Moon whisper) The Pale One
3) Immeral Liadon (Silverfrond) Twin
4) Shava Liadon (Silverfrond) Twin
5) Soveliss Ilphelkiir (Gemblossom) Guardian
6) Andraste Amastacia (Starflower) Guardian
7) Riardon Nailo (Nightbreeze) Guardian
8) Hadarai Xiloscient (Goldpetal) Guardian

Eight were there that fateful day,
when barrier was rent and blown away

Eight brought forth their arcane power,
down came keep, wall and tower

Eight were bathed in prismatic light,
As forward creeps a caustic blight

Pale mist erupts and covers lands
corrupts hearts and bloodies hands

Four move on as four remain,
to hold the circle in blinding pain

Two transcend as two hang back,
to prepare for otherworldly attack

Deceiver revealed, his plan discovered,
cold betrayal of former lover

Taken unawares and laid to rest,
icy tomb and pallid chest

A curse is cast, preserving life,
warping power of would be wife

Awake she sleeps, lame she walks,
her throat caught mute, in Mist she talks

Vengeful, patient, crafty, curious,
gathers pawns, sweet and furious

A silent war, blue blood and red,
will rage ’til Tenamsiir Ilelahor lies dead.

- Fall of the Pale One by Unknown

The Eight

The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire DMPhi