The Cerulean Company

A rival adventuring group, named for their almost uniform-like tendancy to wear shades of blue. It's members include:

LG Human Paladin Taman Urth

NG High -Elf Wizard Evelious of Norinath

NG Human Ranger Nephis Brightwood

LG Human Cleric Dursh Helix

NG Human Fighter Artagel Domne

TN Human Rogue Alesandro Gesante


Hired by a member of Elandorr Valaestas’ parliament, Vadania Rythose, to collect a mysterious shimmering Sphere from the Ruins of Khraal in Darguun. On their return they came across Fabio and his crew under assault from strange sea creatures and a giant octopus. They saved the ship and its crew and were asked by Fabio to land and look for the Mist Walkers who had missed their deadline.

The Cerulean Company

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