Taer Holimion

Located on the south side of the road between Jal Paeridor and Pylas Maradal, Taer Holimion is the ancestral home of the Holimion dynasty. From this keep they rule the surrounding area stretching southeast to the border of the Ravar Orioth. Charged with keeping the creatures of the Jungle of Scimitars at bay, they maintain a sizable garrison of high elven infantry and a modest unit of archers with very little cavalry.

The Holimion lineage is long and proud, minor players at the court of Elandorr Valaestas the Patient.

There are three brothers of the main branch remaining:

  • Tasar Holimion, eldest, head of the family. Decides on all matters within his domain and has been permitted two votes in matters of the Court of Valaestas. One son to wife Aluathar, Nyaalsir.
  • Vesryn Holimion, middle, Castellan of Taer Holimion. Should Tasar’s son and heir Nyaalsir be unable to take up his father’s mantle, leadership would fall to Vesryn. 3 daughters to wife Edansyr; Lianthorn, Paeris and Aelrindel.
  • Arannis Holimion: youngest. One of two Valenar diplomats who travels extensively on behalf of the Court. Has been permitted one vote in matters of the Court of Valaestas. No legitimate children, one known bastard: Mella.

Taer Holimion

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