Chapter 1 Into The Mist

The party begins the campaign escorting a trade caravan from Kennrun in Thrane through the Mournland via the road to Griffonclaw in Valenar. The caravan is transporting mainly food and crafting goods such as fabric and iron ore. They are approaching the Glass Plateau, damp and cold, when…

Returned Eladrin approach the caravan from the ice while skeletal archers ambush from the hills to the north. The caravan is taken with little resistance as the traders quickly surrender. The party is captured and are found in cells of ice, each with a strange blood red mark that will not come off. Sariel, a wood elf fighter who was part of the caravan guard has managed to get loose from her cell and awakens the party one by one, requesting that they stay silent and attempting to free them. The party has to escape the ruins of Making on the Glass Plateau.

Escaping the Cells. The party are unarmed and unarmoured and must navigate the cells. Choice: Either sneak past the undead guard or fight them. End result: retrieve arms and armour.

Encounter 2: Through the Ruins. The party must navigate the ruins of Making either to escape or confront their captors. Choice: Fight or Flight
Force: Combat Challenge to take out the undead force occupying the ruin. Enemies: Skeletal archers, Zombies and a Necromancer called Barnaby Eames

Encounter 3: Onwards. The party must choose to head east into Valenar or West into Darguun. They head to Griffonclaw in Valenar, suffering terrible civilian losses before encountering Gurgol the Weregoblin who helps them on their way but only after a misunbderstanding where he turns Tarz into a werewolf. They reach Griffonclaw where they meet Carric Nailo who takes care of them and takes Ilde Brawnhammer into his custody.

Chapter 1 Into The Mist

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