The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

Samara Post April 10th

this week on dnd the players learn that floating balls of light are not to be trusted. a ruin is ransacked, a golden owl is retrieved and some newly orphaned owlbears are ‘rescued’ by the players.
upon completing the ritual the players are sucked into a magical representation of the tower itself. an eladrin named xander? explains that he was once on the council of eladrin and now stands as guardian against the betrayer. you have been sucked through due to the ritual and he doesn’t have the strength to stop your journey, due to the betrayers interfering. he is holding the professor with him in the tower, and will give her back, if you return quickly with an elderly eladrin man named xessix. the party is released from the tower into an alien landscape, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
you don’t know where you are, or where this xessix can be found, but you need to find him quickly if you ever want to return home again.

Samara Post April 4

This week on DnD. Our brave adventurers explored the once-floating tower and discover a book that was mysteriously preserved therein. At night, they were woken by a friendly will-o-wisp named Amodium, who used charades to show them visions of jeweled owls, a map of Khorvaire and beg the brave adventurers for aid. Amodium indicated that they needed an owl statue to be free, and provided the location. She also indicated that the blood runes are bad, but the twins might not necessarily be evil .
The party then left the abandoned town to catch a ship across the seas where they discuss mermaid sex, a shortage of rum, and where they met 2 aquatic creatures and their pet giant octopus, fluffy. The creatures argued, with one blaming the party for dragging them away from their home, while the other tried reason and failing that, swam off. Using intelligence, initiative, and a translation spell, our heroes killed one creature and convinced fluffy to play dead, only for the other creature to return and take his pet away. Tarzman’s loincloth proved to be acid-proof, as it succeeded in a heroic effort not to burn off him, when Sariel rubbed acid blood on it.
Now our heroes are at the shore of the ruins of Taer Zanathar, ready to explore the ruins with the professor in tow. Will the ancient protections have kept the owl statue safe? will there be another evil lying in wait? will the ritual free the will-o-wisps? and, most importantly, how much more can Tarzman’s loincloth stand? Find out all this and more, next time on DnD.

Ross Post March 13

This time on Dnd, Ross says he is going to move the wiki.
Also the the party take the Tia Maria captains by Fabio to Shaelas Tiraleth with Jaleneth the Archaeologist, Gary the Librarian as well as Greg and Briggs the Undergrads.
Fabio gives Jaleneth a signal and says that they will assume they’re all dead and leave if the signal isn’t given within 6 days to pick them up.
The party head into Shaelas Tiraleth and find that the town is dilapidated and ruined with massive cow sized holes in all the buildings with a floating tower with a laser beam coming out of its roof. Tarz and Mella hyperventilate after failing some sanity checks and begin to develop pneumonia as a consequence.
They first inspect the metalworks and find it to be completely devoid of all the arms that were clearly manufactured there en mass.
They proceed through the sewer tunnels towards the Temple to Mystra and encounter some stinky Trogolodytes who almost kill Mella.
At the temple they find a massive statue with jewelled eyes which Jaleneth refuses to let Angie loot. It’s a cultural treasure! Angie instead steals a pair of silver goblets from the altar. Angie and Mella can’t shake the feeling of being watched though they Angie is convinced that the Gods have forsaken this place… Angie and Tarz each take a bit of Mystra’s chipped butt which is made of a strange jade/marble like stone that was broken off by whatever made those holes.
The party returns to the sewers, avoiding travelling overland through the mist amongst the looming houses, and are swarmed by rats. Mella stops drops and rolls to squish some rats but also succeeds in partially drowning herself before being saved by Angie. Wet and bedraggled, she tries to put on a brave face but this cannot be good for the pnuemonia.
Heading towards the exit they find a carving in the wall: treasure! They follow the tunnel into a room and Tarz moves towards the chest, only to be engulfed in a Gelatinous Cube. Eventually they manage to exterminate the Cube (after Tarz stupidly got too close and got consumed again lel) and jimmy the chest open to find a Potion of Heroism and a Brutal Maul (think a massive meat tenderiser with a solid bone handle complete with spiky bits). The party are exhausted and catch their breath a little in the sewers before pressing on next time on DnD.
Everyone gains 480XP which is enough to ding regain all hitpoints, spell slots etc but retain pneumonia. Next level at 6500XP.
At level 4 you gain an attribute increase (unless you multiclassed) which you can spend as 2 points in one attribute (including sanity) or one point in two different attributes. You can NOT go higher than 20! Boosting primary ability is recommended in general but…
Alternately you can gain a feat from the list starting on page 165 of the PHB. suggested feats for peoples:
Kate: Dual Wielder
Samara: Inspiring Leader or Actor(or toughness haha…)
Luke: Elemental Adept: Fire
Alice: Charger
Jack: Spell Sniper
Anyone: Alert, Skilled or Lucky (keep in mind houserule against super-advantage shenanigans by willingly taking disadvantage by dropping prone etc)

Ross Post March 6

Tarz is cured of Lycanthropy by the besterest healer in the land: Meriele, much exposition is made about the 8 Arch-Magi and the Mark of Shava. The mark was used as part of a necromantic ritual to turn people in to Revenants, more powerful versions of themselves.
The party talks with Jaleneth Sianodel, a Professor Trelawney/Indiana Jones type character, about an expedition to the Eladrin ruins of Shaelas Tiraleth, and old town just a day’s travel within the Mournland. She needs two weeks to get her shit together so the party have decided to go on a trip down to Pylas Maradal via Mella’s home of Taer Holimion.
En route they encounter a group of Thugs lead by Doug Anthony. Sadly Gary is dispatched brutally by the tag team blows of the bard and barbarian. Angie buries him and says a few words in respect for the dead. Poor Gary, we barely knew ye.
What will the party think of Mella’s family holdings, will they agree to go on The Expedition into the terrifying Mist and have they really heard the last of the Doug Anthony All-Stars?

Ross Post Feb 28

The party welcomes Eorlund Gray-mane the gray squirrel to the party and fights of feral dogs. Tarz goes wolfman and gets pissy when Sariel stabs him (fair enough). He lopes off into the night the second night, this time Sariel choosing not to poke him, and gets lost. The party eventually reunites and fights off a pack of wolufs.
They are about an hours walk through the hills to Taer Valaestas where Sariel hopes to find a healer for Tarzman, if only so that she doesn’t feel guilty about repeatedly stabbing him.
Plans for next session:
1) Find a way to remove lycanthropy
2) Visit the University to find out about the bloody mark you have tattooed on your various body parts.
2a) Meet Jalenth Siannodel (yes related), the quirky High Elf and local Eladrin archaeologist, and hear her proposal for an Expedition.


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