Valanthe Galenodel (Moon Whisper) The Pale One

The Pale One


Class Arch-Mage
Race Ascended Eladrin
Gender Female
Age 1746
Weight weightless
Height between 5’ and 8’ depending on her mood
Body Shape humanoid
Musculature Slender and delicate
Eye Pale blue (entire eyeball, no pupils!)
Hair Extremely pale blonde but not white/grey
Skin So pale she appears a brilliant white
Speech Slow, patient, as if speaking benevolently to an imbicile
Markings Light purple rune markings on her exposed skin, these faintly glow as if breathing
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Languages All
Personality Vengeful, Patient, Curious
Religion The Gods didn’t interfere then, I see no reason to knowledge them as anything other than bored children.

A powerful fey spirit that lends its power to warlocks in order to bind them to her will. She is patient, giving her warlocks a degree of freedom and a taste of power before reining them in to do her bidding lest that power be withheld. She has a curiosity for magics and new things that she never got to experience in life. Her commands usually require her warlocks to delve into magics both new and ancient, seemingly hunting for something specific as though she cannot remember it. At times she gives a clear impression of knowledge and at others seems confused as though unsure of her own memories.

Was one of The Eight Eladrin Arch-Magi who were responsible for the creation of the Chasm. She was deceived into doing this and desires to get her revenge.

Valanthe Galenodel (Moon Whisper) The Pale One

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