Tenamsiir Ilelahor (Dragonblood) The Deciever

The Deciever


Tenamsiir Ilelahor (Dragonblood), the most powerful of the Eladrin Archmagi turned his back on his fellows and tricked his lover into an icy prison. Siphoning most of her power and trapping her in a tomb, Tenamsiir disassembled the Breath of the Bralani before he vanished without a trace.

From time to time there are whispers of his secretive actions throughout Khorvaire but no-one truly knows what he is doing or what he wants. It is believed by some of The Pale One’s agents that he made a deal with the Great Evil and facilitated the opening of the Chasm from this plane.

Tenamsiir Ilelahor (Dragonblood) The Deciever

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