Paelias Quarion

Sariel's Superior Officer


Class Rogue|Ranger
Race Wood Elf
Gender Male
Age 256 Adult (considered mature for an elf)
Weight 145 b
Height 5’ 11"
Body Shape Slender, Broad shouldered
Musculature Athletic build, powerful arms and legs.
Eyes Smoke Gray
Hair Short, tidy
Skin Tanned
Speech Concise, clipped tone
Markings Body scars. Horizontal facial scar on right cheek. Elk tattoo on right forearm.
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common, Elven
Background Soldier – Ranking Officer of Scout Regiment in Finelven Military
Personality Cold towards strangers, stern, militaristic.
Traits Likes peace and tranquility. Enjoys the thrill of the hunt but only when necessary for food or to protect Finelvenin.
Ideals Wishes to uphold the traditions of Finelvenin.
Bonds Will give his life for the soldiers under his command rather than see them perish.
Flaws Finelven is pure, outside influence must be kept at bay.
Religion Silvanus (god of wild nature) and Mielikki (goddess of forests)
Fighting Style Two weapon fighting on front-line and archery from a distance.


The long time comrade in arms and commanding officer of Sariel Naivara. Commanding officer of the Finelvenin Scout Regiment. Risked his own life to slay a werewolf that was savaging Sariel during a scouting mission together, suffering wounds in the process. He hauled her back to the village, refusing treatment until Sariel had been seen to. He blames himself for her self-imposed exile.

Paelias Quarion

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