Craig Bronzefeather

Ex Dwarven Veteran turned Weaponsmith


Class Fighter
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Age 85
Weight 250lb
Height 4’ 8"
Body Shape Stout
Musculature Brawny
Eyes Brown
Hair Grey with flecks of white
Skin Leathery
Speech Scottish
Markings Battlescarred, hands particularly burnt etc
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common, Dwarven
Background Solidier / Swordsmith
Personality Lighthearted, friendly, bubbly
Items of Note Craig’s Longsword, a black longsword that behaves as a +1 magic weapon when used to strike at Drow or Spiderkin. Lost in a duel and now in possession of Fleur.
Fighting Style Sword and Board


An aged and grizzled warrior is going town to town offering his magic sword to any fighter that can best him in honorable combat. Formerly of the Asimir Warrior/Smith caste of Mror Hold’s undercity. Grew tired of the constant patrols for drow raiders. Has taken to the surface lands to ply his trade as a swordsmith. Having decided to give up on his soldiering life he has decided to use his fighting prowess to gauge the best place to set up his smithy permanently.

Bounty Board Entry:

I, Craig Bronzefeather of the Mror Hold Asimir Caste, hereby issue an open challenge to martial combat.

I will be at the Old Elm on the Northern Road at noon.

While I duel for personal enjoyment, I will wager my sword that none will best me in honorable competition.

Craig Bronzefeather

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