Barnaby Eames

Ghostly Necromancer


Class Necromancer
Race High Elf
Gender Male
Age 342
Weight 130lb
Height 5’11"
Body Shape slender
Musculature lanky, weak
Eyes blue
Hair long blonde braided
Skin very very pale
Speech Arrogant, Haughty
Markings red bloodlike smears up his arms and across his face
Alignment Neutral Evil
Languages Common, Elven
Background Mage
Items of Note SHORTSWORD OF LESSER LIFE STEALING uncommon (requires attunement) When you attack a creature with this magic weapon and roll a 20 on the attack roll, that target takes an extra 5 necrotic damage if it isn’t a construct or an undead. You also gain 5 temporary hit points. Currently in possession of Fleur.


Formerly a mage in Valenar, Eames was cast out for his continued research into necromancy when it was discovered he was paying bandits to bring him live test subjects.
He has been building an undead army in the Mournland.
He has seemingly lost his mind, muttering about “The Masters” compelling him to do this unholy magic.
Slain by the party in the Mournland (or was he…)

Barnaby Eames

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