The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

Samara Post April 10th

this week on dnd the players learn that floating balls of light are not to be trusted. a ruin is ransacked, a golden owl is retrieved and some newly orphaned owlbears are ‘rescued’ by the players.
upon completing the ritual the players are sucked into a magical representation of the tower itself. an eladrin named xander? explains that he was once on the council of eladrin and now stands as guardian against the betrayer. you have been sucked through due to the ritual and he doesn’t have the strength to stop your journey, due to the betrayers interfering. he is holding the professor with him in the tower, and will give her back, if you return quickly with an elderly eladrin man named xessix. the party is released from the tower into an alien landscape, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
you don’t know where you are, or where this xessix can be found, but you need to find him quickly if you ever want to return home again.



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