The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

Samara Post April 4

This week on DnD. Our brave adventurers explored the once-floating tower and discover a book that was mysteriously preserved therein. At night, they were woken by a friendly will-o-wisp named Amodium, who used charades to show them visions of jeweled owls, a map of Khorvaire and beg the brave adventurers for aid. Amodium indicated that they needed an owl statue to be free, and provided the location. She also indicated that the blood runes are bad, but the twins might not necessarily be evil .
The party then left the abandoned town to catch a ship across the seas where they discuss mermaid sex, a shortage of rum, and where they met 2 aquatic creatures and their pet giant octopus, fluffy. The creatures argued, with one blaming the party for dragging them away from their home, while the other tried reason and failing that, swam off. Using intelligence, initiative, and a translation spell, our heroes killed one creature and convinced fluffy to play dead, only for the other creature to return and take his pet away. Tarzman’s loincloth proved to be acid-proof, as it succeeded in a heroic effort not to burn off him, when Sariel rubbed acid blood on it.
Now our heroes are at the shore of the ruins of Taer Zanathar, ready to explore the ruins with the professor in tow. Will the ancient protections have kept the owl statue safe? will there be another evil lying in wait? will the ritual free the will-o-wisps? and, most importantly, how much more can Tarzman’s loincloth stand? Find out all this and more, next time on DnD.



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