The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

Ross Post March 6

Tarz is cured of Lycanthropy by the besterest healer in the land: Meriele, much exposition is made about the 8 Arch-Magi and the Mark of Shava. The mark was used as part of a necromantic ritual to turn people in to Revenants, more powerful versions of themselves.
The party talks with Jaleneth Sianodel, a Professor Trelawney/Indiana Jones type character, about an expedition to the Eladrin ruins of Shaelas Tiraleth, and old town just a day’s travel within the Mournland. She needs two weeks to get her shit together so the party have decided to go on a trip down to Pylas Maradal via Mella’s home of Taer Holimion.
En route they encounter a group of Thugs lead by Doug Anthony. Sadly Gary is dispatched brutally by the tag team blows of the bard and barbarian. Angie buries him and says a few words in respect for the dead. Poor Gary, we barely knew ye.
What will the party think of Mella’s family holdings, will they agree to go on The Expedition into the terrifying Mist and have they really heard the last of the Doug Anthony All-Stars?



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