The Glowing Chasm of Khorvaire

Ross Post Feb 28

The party welcomes Eorlund Gray-mane the gray squirrel to the party and fights of feral dogs. Tarz goes wolfman and gets pissy when Sariel stabs him (fair enough). He lopes off into the night the second night, this time Sariel choosing not to poke him, and gets lost. The party eventually reunites and fights off a pack of wolufs.
They are about an hours walk through the hills to Taer Valaestas where Sariel hopes to find a healer for Tarzman, if only so that she doesn’t feel guilty about repeatedly stabbing him.
Plans for next session:
1) Find a way to remove lycanthropy
2) Visit the University to find out about the bloody mark you have tattooed on your various body parts.
2a) Meet Jalenth Siannodel (yes related), the quirky High Elf and local Eladrin archaeologist, and hear her proposal for an Expedition.



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